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Levels of Giving

 Allstar        $1000 or more annually

Gold            $500 -999.99 annually

Silver           $300 - 499.99 annually

Bronze         $100 - 299.99 annually 

Copper         $99 and below

Thank you for your generosity and for helping us provide encouragement and financial assistance to the youth in our community.
Gaston Memorial Scholarship, Inc. is a non-profit public charity in accordance with Internal Revenue 501(c)(3),  Donors can deduct contributions they make to our organization under IRC Section 170.

Our History...
The first Year, 2006, seven monitary awards were give to graduating Seniors attending various High Schools in Bloomington-Normal, IL.: Jonathan Moore; Matthew Wright; Jamison Shaw; Valshun Powe; Cassandra Hosea; Cornelia Wood and Brian Alexander.

Recipient                  School          Speaker                        ____   Year
Jordan Turner                NCHS               James Joyner                      2007
Chad Emery                   NCHS               Evelyn Young                       2008
Sabrina E.V. Kirkham      NCHS               James Shaw                        2009
Domonique Hilt              CCHS               Gary Muhammad                 2010
Briana A. Sparks             NCHS              Dr. Mary Graham-Buxton      2011
(Gary Muhammad spoke in the absence of Dr. Graham who had a family emergency)​
Trenton A. Jones            BHS                 Erica Baird                          2012 
Michael T. Brooks           NCHS               "                                         "
Kayla D.Palmer               UHS                 Carmen L. Shears                2013
Maya Walker                  NCHS                "                                        "
*Michael T. Brooks          Jackson State     David Walker                      2014
*Maya Walker                 U of I Urbana, IL    " 
Danielle Nicole Baker     UHS                   James Joyner                     2015
Jordynn Palmer             UHS                    "                                      "
​Carsen Hilt                    BHS                    Ramona Shaw                     2016
Raylissa Rusk                 CCA                    "                                            "
Jessica R. Baker            UHS                    Hon. Judge Butler               2017
Steve L. Gay II               BHS                    "                                            "

* First ever Motivational Ceremony.  The Last 5-recipients were invited to come
back (of which three responded and two attended)  Attendees were given
an additional stipend to encourage and congratulate them on successes to date (Junior & Senior Years in College).

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