We would like to thank those of you who have been regular supporters of Gaston Memorial Scholarship, Inc.  Without your generosity this award would not be possible.



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We encourage you to consider giving to the Gaston Memorial Scholarship fund in memory of a loved one or to honor the accomplishments/contributions of a loved one (we will send notification to the family if desired -please include address).

Ask how you can get involved and volunteer for Gaston Memorial Scholarship, Inc.  There is always work to be done.  Thank you for your kind consideration.

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Levels of Giving

 Allstar        $1000 or more annually

Gold            $500 -999.99 annually

Silver           $300 - 499.99 annually

Bronze         $100 - 299.99 annually 

Copper         $99 and below

Thank you for your generosity and for helping us provide encouragement and financial assistance to the youth in our community.

If you were a first-time giver this year, we want to personally say thank you again for supporting our efforts to help young people from Central Illinois pursue their higher education goals.  
Gaston Memorial Scholarship, Inc. is a non-profit public charity in accordance with Internal Revenue 501(c)(3),  Donors can deduct contributions they make to our organization under IRC Section 170.

Our History...
The first Year, 2006, seven monetary awards were give to graduating Seniors attending various High Schools in Bloomington-Normal, IL.: Jonathan Moore; Matthew Wright; Jamison Shaw; Valshun Powe; Cassandra Hosea; Cornelia Wood and Brian Alexander.

Since that time we have been motivated by the words of our departed parents which informed that "Education is Key," to continue to help young people to reach their goals and inspire them as they begin this exciting phase of their life.  Below is a list of GMS Award Recipients who continue to make us proud:

Recipient                  School          Speaker                        ____   Year
Jordan Turner                NCHS               James Joyner                        2007
Chad Emery                   NCHS               Evelyn Young                         2008
Sabrina E.V. Kirkham      NCHS               James Shaw                          2009
Domonique Hilt              CCHS               Gary Muhammad                   2010
Briana A. Sparks             NCHS              Dr. Mary Graham-Buxton        2011
(Gary Muhammad spoke in the absence of Dr. Graham who had a family emergency)​
Trenton A. Jones            BHS                     Erica Baird                        2012 
Michael T. Brooks           NCHS                   "                                       "
Kayla D.Palmer              UHS                    Carmen L. Shears               2013
Maya Walker                  NCHS                   "                                       "
*Michael T. Brooks          Jackson State      David Walker                     2014
*Maya Walker                 Uof I Urbana        "                                        "
Danielle Nicole Baker      UHS                   James Joyner                     2015
Jordynn Palmer               UHS                   "                                        "
​Carsen Hilt                      BHS                   Ramona Shaw                    2016
Raylissa Rusk                   CCA                   "                                        "
Jessica R. Baker               UHS                  Hon. Judge Butler              2017
Steve L. Gay II                 BHS                   "                                        "
LeLanda R. Brewer          UHS                   Shirley Boykin                    2018
Deonte' Ra-Shan Mosely   BHS                    "                                       "
Boston Drayton Cooper III UHS                  Rick Owens                        2019
Linnea Rose Skillrud        BHS                    "                                        "
Grace Spader                  NCHS                 Pandemic                          2020
Jackson Phillips               BHS                    "                                        "
Myranda Wiggins            BHS                    "                                      2021
​Matthew Glen Steers     BHS                    "                                        "

* First ever Motivational Ceremony.  The Last 5-recipients were invited to come back to share the many milestones achieved in their journey, and to receive an additional stipend to encourage and congratulate them on their successes (Junior & Senior Years in College).

Are you our next recipient?  

Be sure to apply between March 1,-June 1, of each year!   Print your completed application and mail it to Gaston Memorial Scholarship, Inc., P.O. Box 51, Bloomington, IL 61701-51
(not accepting electronic submissions due to file incompatability).

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Gaston Memorial Scholarship, Inc.
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Celebrating 17-years! Thanks for your support!
We need your help to make this scholarship possible each year.

You make the difference!
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We appreciate your generosity!
Dear Friend and Sponsor,

It seems like the challenges ahead of us are even greater now.  Recently when schools shut their doors in the wake of COVID-19, and students were forced to move to online (E-learning) courses it became apparent in many cases, how ill-equipped some of our students were to undertake this new approach to learning and many were unable to return to classes after spring break. 

As a College Professor and Chairperson for GMS, I was never so aware of the need to do even more to assist young people in preparing them for the future.  So many young people need access to technology and the only thing that seems certain is that the need will continue as cyberspace develops and plays an even greater role in the delivery of educational curriculum.

As we look toward our 16th year of awarding scholarships, consider what our Youth may be up against and help us to increase our giving this year.  We want you to know that your gift is a major part of what allows Gaston Memorial Scholarship to be part of making dreams come true in the lives of so many young people.  Worthy graduates, who have excelled in their class, who value family, show leadership, and give back in ways that touch the heart, and serve the community.

Thank you in advance for your generosity, care, and concern. 


Treyce' L. Spears
Chairperson, GMS
P.O. BOX 51

updates 7/31/21
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